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Welcome to Tonestra

Tonestra - the healthcare and biometric blockchain project that is poised to transform information sharing and record keeping in healthcare industry.

Tonestra will cover such areas as pharmaceuticals, medicinal research, genome technology, nursing science and the whole ecosystem of biotechnology. Blockchain technology has found a lot of useful application in many areas of human endeavor and health sciences is one of such areas. Tonestra offers the first complete blockchain healthcare project where scientist and healthcare receivers can have their data securely stored for utilization by healthcare practitioners. This platform will provide a veritable system where pharmaceutical industries, healthcare NGO’s, patient affirmative action support agencies, hospitals, drug development companies and insurance businesses all can interact for the advancement of health science and business. Also genomics and biometric companies can utilize the platform in sequencing and storage of scientific data for continuous research development and improvement for humanity. This will prove extremely useful in the advancement of research and development of knowledge in such gene diseases as cancer, Alzheimer’s, autism, lou gherig disease and a host of other diseases that are enshrined in the human genes, including a number of congenital birth defects.

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