Tonestra Token

The Tonestra token, TNR will be the dynamic currency fuel payment unit which will power the system platform. The tokens will be attached to data storage and in transmitting information across the Tonestra network and ecosystem. Five million Tonestra TNR tokens shall be created and traded on major cryptocurrency exchanges. The Tonestra platform shall provide the largest healthcare technology and medical science data storage system where contributors will have absolute control over how they can utilize the stored data for their financial benefits. The business and research potential is limitless. Tonestra will have an underpinning artificial intelligence research based methodology which will use machine learning techniques in developing and sharing information for all contributors. The use of Blockchain technology distributed ledger system will ensure reliability of the systems, personalized authentication and very importantly engender the elimination of trust problems amongst users. A cryptographic key generator is used in generating keys utilizing assymetric algorithm and permission based smart contract. Contributors will have control over their private keys and will only grant access to users who have been pre-approved through an authentication process. The use of the platform will enable healthcare providers and drug development companies to identify the best course of medical regiment for the treatment of a patient, prevention of diseases in healthy population, prediction of possible outbreaks and mutation, disease diagnosis, prognosis and identification of possible new drug type for treatment

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